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Satej D. Patil exemplifies unwavering dedication and profound commitment towards the people of Kolhapur. With a deep-rooted connection to the community and a tireless spirit of service, he has relentlessly strived to uplift the lives of every citizen. His visionary leadership has brought forth transformative initiatives that address the core issues faced by the residents, ensuring their well-being and prosperity. From championing social causes to pioneering educational and developmental projects, Satej D. Patil's unwavering resolve and empathetic approach have earned him the trust and admiration of the people, making him a beacon of hope and progress in Kolhapur.

Young, Vibrant & Visionary


In the political arena of Maharashtra Satej D. Patil is as popular and prestigious as the Kolhapuri Silver ornaments are in the world market. The political life journey of this young vibrant and visionary leadership of Karveer is blooming with blessings of Shree Mahalaxmi, able guidance and constant inspiration of legendary Dr. D Y Patil and vision about politics based on the principals of, politics for the people and by the people. Satej D. Patil belongs to rare and selective class of young Indian politicians who are not just aware of the social problems but realize that only the deeds are the solution and not the words.


The modesty and simplicity in Satej Patil's persona forms an instant connect with the people. He believes in working on the plight of the downtrodden by being accessible to them, compassionate towards their betterment. Satej Patil believes that walking hand-in-hand with the masses is a guaranteed path to all-inclusive and sustainable progress.



February 8, 2024
सहकारामुळेच ग्रामीण भागातील माणूस ताठ मानेने उभा : पाटील


November 20, 2023
सतेज पाटील यांची जिल्ह्याच्या राजकारणावरील पकड घट्ट


July 3, 2023
शिक्षक भरतीसाठी कोल्हापुरातून आंदोलन उभारणार : सतेज पाटील


May 28, 2022
कोल्हापुरात घेणार सर्वोच्च स्पर्धा : पालकमंत्री सतेज पाटील



July 2, 2021
प्रमुख मार्गाच्या विकास कामाचे शुभारंभ


February 2, 2022
कोल्हापूर सर्किट बेंच/खंडपीठ संदर्भामध्ये बैठक


October 20, 2022
डिजिटल सभासद नोंदणी अभियान

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