गरजू घटकांना व उपक्रमासाठी मदत खालील प्रमाणे देण्यात येणार आहे…

गरजू घटकांना व उपक्रमासाठी मदत खालील प्रमाणे देण्यात येणार आहे…

MLC Of Maharashtra

Being a responsible MLA Satej ( Bunty) D. Patil has always insisted & implemented diversified projects of social welfare. In 2007 he appealed for donating school notebooks and suggested that instead of erecting Birthday Greeting Digital Banners or giving flower bouquets, garlands etc. to him on his Birthday, the wishes be expressed by means of School Notebooks equal to that expense. The love and affection of people of karveer for him is such that a total of 2,12,423 notebooks were received, which were distributed among more than 56 thousand students from 182 schools. In the coming years the number of collected books went on increasing crossing the 5 Lakh mark and more than 1 lakh students of Kolhapur District are benefited every year since. In total till date a huge volume of 27,49,317 books have been received and distributed to the benefit of 6,48,891 students from about 380 schools.

This year as Maharashtra is facing severe draught situation, we are appealing to all the followers and well wishers of Shri Satej Patil that along with books let us also contribute food grains for the benefit of those affected by draught. So coming 12th April please do bring Food Grains along with your wishes and blessings and we will forward them to those in need at the affected areas.

This is your support that this unique way of celebrating birthday was discussed and appreciated all over Maharashtra. Going one step further, the Hon’ble MLA appeals to one and all that instead of traditional Felicitation / Welcome at any public function by offering bouquet or garland; schawl or souvenir, he will prefer to accept school notebooks. Note Books collected by this mean prove a great help for the educational development and progress of poor & needy students. We believe we will receive co-operation in this manner.

This is our humble appeal to implement this during any function of your institution.DSC_0059

Thank you very much.

- D. D. Patil
( P. R. O. )

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